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How We Work

Step 1. Analyzing Your Online Presence

We start with a ground zero analysis of where you are currently at Online. Where do you show up on the Internet? Can your clients and prospects easily find you to call you – or come to your place of business? Can your prospects easily find what you are offering? Do you have any current specials or exciting promotions – that are easy to find – in just a few minutes on the Internet? What impression does your Website make to prospects? 

Step 2. Determing Your Online Goals

Through Dialogue: We discover what specific areas you want to grow your Marketing Strategy for your business. Who your target market is. What are the targeted ‘searched keywords’ that represent your product and services – that people are currently searching for? What are your Internet Marketing goals?  

Step 3. Creating Offers that Work for You & Your Prospects

What are you selling? What are your current offers? Are your products and services set up in ‘Logical Internet Categories’ so you can easily be found? Do you have clear ‘Call To Actions’? Easy Check out processes? Basically, we look to clarify your offers and make them easy to access, easy to view and & very easy for your prospects to contact you, get directions, purchase, sign up, etc.!

Step 4. Building A Solid Foundation for Online Marketing

SEO is all about pleasing Google! So we start with Foundational Services that give you credibility and reliability with Google so that Google is confident to promote you ‘More’  than your competitors. A well executed & SEO’d Google Business Listing – reflects to Google what your business is about, and gives your viewers relevant information about your company.

Citations are Business Listings across the Internet – that verifies to Google that you are – in fact – who you say you are! We create 30 good, solid Business Citations to match your business niche, and continue to add Citations each month. FYI: Google Loves that! 

Step 5. Expanding Your Business into Full Internet Visibility

We create a website for you with hundreds of Google Page 1 Rankings in your designated Locations. Our website is exactly what Google wants to see, but Not what the viewer wants to see. So we take your website and overlay it on top of ours… so Google sees what they want to see, and the viewer sees only You… and what You are offering!

Hundreds of Page 1 Rankings are Visible in less than 15 – 30 days. Each month we continue to strengthen your rankings so the dominant keywords people are searching for, keep rising to the top of the Search Pages – and All of Your Rankings continue to stand out – Month after Month.

Step 6. Implementing Solid Strategies to Grow Customers

We implement the agreed upon strategy and monitor how it is performing, making adjustments on a Monthly basis. We first start by establishing your Google Listing and all Social Media Sites. YouTube videos are SEO optimized so they can be found on Google Page 1 with specific keywords. If recomended; we Update or create a New Website for you… and then… based on this solid Internet Foundation, we can easily implement your SEO strategies so that you are Dominating Local Google Page 1 within 30 Days! (We have had clients Dominate Google Page 1 in just 2 weeks!)

Step 7. Celebrating Google Domination!

Once you begin Dominating Local Google Page 1… we not only Celebrate this Exciting milestone with you… we can then start to look at your conversions. How to better capitalize on people clicking over to your website to create win/win long term relationships with your prospects!

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