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Remnant Newspaper Advertising

Do You Want to Learn How to Buy Remnant Newspaper Yourself?

How Remnant Newspaper Advertising Works

A Short Guide to ‘The Rules’

Not All Newspapers Offer Remnant Rates, but Most Do!


Discounted Rates
Cheaper Testing
No Agency Commissions

Do You Qualify For Remnant Newspaper Advertising Rates?

To qualify for Remnant Rates, your Ad must have an 800 number for the consumer to call; to buy your product or service. Your Ad will not qualify for Remnant Rates if it has a ‘Store Address’ directing the consumer to visit your store. When you use a store address: Newspapers classify that as a Retail Ad, (like car dealerships, department stores, etc.) Retail ads, have always been the Newspapers’ bread and butter, so they do not allow discounts for Retail Businesses.

“Gabriella is the most people savvy buyer I ever trained. She knows the markets, the rates and the best Negotiating Tactics. There is not a better media buying teacher in the business.”

Tim Hawthorne

President / CEO, Hawthorne Direct

Newspaper Advertising Has 2 Categories

1. Direct Response Ad: Has An 800# to Call Direct

2. Display Retail Ad: Directing The Reader Into Your Store

Remnant Ads Are For Direct Response Advertisers: That have an 800 number with an immediate call to action… to sell a product or service. Direct Response ads are written in a savvy & compelling way to provoke a sense of urgency, so the reader will pick up the phone, NOW. In addition to the phone number, most Direct Response Ads, offer the option to buy directly from your Website. But…. no store locations are allowed.

If You Are Not Familiar With How Remnant Newspaper Works, It Is Like Going Standby At The Airlines. If the airlines have a seat that is not filled prior to take off, you get to fly on that flight. But you have to wait and see. Unlike the airlines, the newspapers will give you a major discount. Up to 90% Off the regular rate.

Here’s What Happens: When the newspaper is laying out the paper for the next day, if they have empty space on a page, then they have a problem. So they look at the ‘Stand By Ads’, to fill the page. If your ad fits that space, then you get to run at a Major Discount! Up to 90% Off! Once your ‘Order’ is placed, most newspapers request a 7 – 14 day ‘Window of Time’ for your ad to run. While that is a significantly longer wait than the airlines, the papers reward you handsomely for your flexibility, with a great discount.

At SunCoast Media, we have a proven track record, of obtaining Remnant Rates for you… but 85% of the time, we obtain a guaranteed run date and section for you to run, at marginal to no increase in price! The section you run in, is critical to your Ad’s success, and if the section is left un-negotiated, then you will run in what is called ‘R.O.P.’ = Run of Paper, and they will put you in any section available. 

What Size Ad Can You Run, For Remnant Newspaper?
For Remnant Newspaper Advertising, the smallest size accepted is: 1/4 of a page. It can be 1/4 of a page, a half of a page, or a full page. The 1/4 page and the half page can be laid out: Vertical or Horizontal. 


Consulting Services for DIY Remnant Newspaper Buying.

” In 5 Hours I Can Teach You How to Get to the Right Person & Select the Best Buy – at the Best  Rate. “

Presentation is Key. Here is What You Will Learn:

 Learn How to Ask the Right Questions… Create a   Win/Win Negotiation for a Test Buy & a Long           Term Contract – at the Lowest Rate – and Without   Paying Agency Commissions.

Learn How to Analyze Your Buys to Strategize Your Next Phase of Testing – With Minimum ROI Risk.

Learn How to Take Charge of Your Buys, and Avoid Being Railroaded by Lack of Knowledge.

Create a Pitch About Your Product and Campaign to Influence the Paper – to Want to Bring Your Product or Services to Their Readers.

Research All Of Your Options in Any Given Market – To Use As Negotiation Leverage – Determining Your Best Option.










“Gabriella is the most people savvy buyer I ever trained. She knows the markets, the rates and the best Negotiating Tactics. There is not a better media buying teacher in the business.”

Tim Hawthorne

President, Hawthorne Direct

“Gabriella Donivan is by far the most capable media professional I have ever worked with. She is extremely thorough and works hard to be sure every penny is carefully spent and produces the best possible result. If Cost Per Lead is important to you, then she’s the right person for the job.” 

Cameron Dunlap

President, Specialty Communications Inc.

“If you want to work with an honest media buyer who sees the big picture then you need to work with Gabriella Donivan. We have worked with her for over 4 years because she pays attention to detail, keeps us out of bad markets and most importantly has reduced our cost per lead by over 40%.” 

Kris Kirschner

CEO, Auto Pilot - Complete Real Estate Systems Inc.

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